Steve Hranec, President

Hranec Corporation:

"Our goals are to have the best and latest technology in sheet metal fabrication equipment to produce quality and available ductwork to all of our customers. Of course we need the manpower which Local 12 provides to operate all of the newest and most sophisticated sheet metal equipment that the manufacturers are placing on the market for us to take advantage of." Read more

Doug Gudenburr, Director of Operations

Ductmate Industries, Inc.:

"Together with Local 12, we have developed a work force of Journeymen, Apprentices and Production Workers that number well over 160 strong. This work force not only provides craftsmanship and quality, but also the ability to 'get it done' needed to compete in markets far from our geographic region." Read more

Northstar Environmental, Ltd.:

"The skilled workers that Northstar Environmental, Ltd., employs through SMWLU #12 are highly motivated individuals that understnad the need for quality craftsmanship and profitable performance. The management of SMWLU #12 has been cooperative and supportive in meeting the needs of Northstar Environmental, Ltd., to be profitable and productive." Read more

Thomas A. Szymczak, President

SSM Industries, Inc.:

"We have no limitations in regards to skilled labor when it comes to bidding work over the spectrum of construction and fabrication we cover. Fluctuations in manpower inherent in our industry are addressed seamlessly through the available pool of union labor. Labor costs are precise and predictable, having all wages, health care costs, pensions and industry program costs negotiated ahead of time, with no internal costs for human resource functions, investment functions, etc. Our focus is on bidding and winning business." Read more

Local Union 12 - Pittsburgh, PA

1200 Gulf Lab Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15238

(412) 828-5300

Eber L. Verhovsek, President

Eber HVAC:

"[W]hen work slows down, we are able to reduce headcount without fear of losing qualified workers for the next upswing. Our workers have been cross-trained through the Labor-Management Apprenticeship Program; this gives us the benefit of sending any of our workers to all different types of projects and enables us to stay profitable in different areas of the industry....We feel that, if we were not affiliated with the union, it would cost us more time and money to be this successful." Read more

​​​​​Sheet Metal Workers

Kenneth J. Kotchey, Superintendent

K&I Sheet Metal, Inc.:

"Manning jobs is never a problem. The union works with me, and they have a professional, no-hassle manner. We have improved our profitability and customer satisfaction since we started with the union. Our projects get completed on schedule, and the end product is top quality. It really has made sense from a business perspective." Read more

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